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I love bugs. I’ve always been fascinated by nature’s ability to produce endless permutations of species. I’ve had a little display of butterflies and beetles on a cabinet in my hallway for some time.
Never one to leave well enough alone, when I was poking round my art-room and found an old Cavallini calendar with butterflies on it, I immediately started cutting. I find cutting paper intensely pleasurable. As a child, I remember spending hours at my Nana’s, happily cutting up magazines and gluing  pictures into a scrapbook with flour-and-water glue. For reasons that I cannot fathom, most of the pictures were of the young (back then) Princess Anne and Sophia Loren!
As I cut these butterflies out, I started pinning them to the wall, and now they are heading towards the ceiling

Here’s a before picture…

Do you want to see what’s on the cabinet? Here’s a closer look..

And here’s where the cut-outs have got to….

So what do you think? There are about fifty more images on the calendar, should I go up to the ceiling? Let me know what you think.